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05/30/2021 Video to DVD

There is no price that can be put on the memories they converted for my family. They were very professional, efficient and fast. Highly recommended.

- Jose Bibiloni from Orlando

05/25/2021 35mm slide transfer

You have done a great job recovering the 8 glass mounted slides that I brought to you. You certainly got the filter correct, resulting digital images closely resemble original color! I have many more to bring out to you soon.

- Ralph Esposito from Orlando FL

05/19/2021 Home Movie Transfer

Michael and his Home Video Studio Team did a wonderful job of reproducing our 8mm Home Movies. His quality and pricing were very good. His completion date was “as promised”. We are all enjoying our old home movies, and reliving some wonderful memories. I will be using Michael and Home Video Studio again, for the reproduction of some more of our family home movies. Thank you, Michael.

- Greg Marrs from Auburndale

03/18/2021 Home Movie Transfer

Just picked up 60 yr old 8mm film that was transferred to mp. Michael doesn't put this on a projector, but literally examines frame by frame. He edited and lightened the color to give it the right balance to actually see alot of these old movies. I am so happy with the results and would definitely recommend him for saving your old movies in a format that will not deteriorate over time. He is also very honest and doesn't charge you for frames that can't be converted.

- Charlene Bolton from Apopka

03/09/2021 Video to DVD

Michael and Kate are first class all around. We met them in their office with is charming, personal and extremely professional. It was a joy to meet them. Their sincerity and care for their work was evident right away. We had videos of our wedding in 2002 that were not done by a professional photographer, and through several moves from Florida to Colorado and back to Florida, they had been in a variety of temperatures and humidity for storage. We weren't sure they were even in good enough shape to be put into DVD format. The results was wonderful! We are so grateful!

- John and Candace Newman from 19646 W. Eldorado Dr. Eustis Florida 32736

01/22/2021 Audio Tape Transfer

I took 18 reel-to-reel tapes and 10 video tapes to Home Video Studio before Christmas with the instructions of 'no rush'. A week and a half into the new year I had a flash drive with the tapes transferred to MP3 and the videos transferred to MP4. Pleasant interaction with Michael, intelligent work, and satisfactory results. I WILL be back to create a Memory Tape of my dad.

- Sharon Blackman from Apopka

12/19/2020 Video to DVD

A perfect experience! Michael and his wife Kate did a phenomenal job of explaining all my options to me so that I could choose the best choice. I found this of home videos of family, and I wanted to find to surprise my mom at Christmas! One of the best customer service experiences I’ve ever had. Thank you for everything!!

- Tori Grable from Eustis

11/28/2020 Video to DVD

To begin, I called to get some information on converting my 8mm tapes of our children, from over 10+ years ago to a CD... Mike was extremely kind, courteous, and very informative on this subject... My husband and I arrived at his business and he greeted us outside, which was very impressive... we all sat down and went over all of our options... we were made to feel at home, and not rushed one bit to make our final decision on which format to choose for our tapes that would best suit our family... Thank You so much!!! Mike has helped us more than he, or anyone else, will ever know!!!

- Suzanne Cruser from Deltona

11/09/2020 Home Movie Transfer

Thank YOU so very much for the DVD’s! The presentation looks amazing, thank you! I can’t wait to gift this to my Step-Mom. So grateful for Todd’s referral as my Mom has used you and now I have as well ??. We will continue to for any future needs and share with others the great service!

- Laura Moose from Orando

10/01/2020 Home Movie Transfer

Superior service and quality work. Sixty-year-old film turned out beautifully when digitized by these professionals. Thanks for making some sweet memories come alive.

- Laura Phillips from Eustis

10/01/2020 Home Movie Transfer

I had many feet of 16mm video that are about 70-72 years old. Home video studio transferred all films to a thumb drive. Brought back many memories. Played flawlessly on my computer and on a big screen tv. Recommended business.

- Luis Morandi from Clermont

10/01/2020 Video to DVD

Wonderful people who were able to transfer my old vhs. I can't thank you enough for being able to watch this again!

- Kaylan Kirschenman from Leesburg

10/01/2020 Video to DVD

Very happy customer here. I needed a video/vhs tape turned into a DVD. I contacted them and they were very nice, professional and prompt. Highly recommend!

- Miriam Thomas from Tavares

10/01/2020 Video Services

Excellent quality at a fair price. We are glad we trusted these folks with our video memories.

- Art Bundey from Orlando

09/18/2020 Home Movie Transfer

we had 22 mini movies sitting around for years and had no idea if they were any good sowe took them up to the office and they came out very good and appreciate the good work they have done.we have some 8mm that we gave them that is probally 40 years old and cant wait to see them im glad we have someone in mt dora that does this.

- Maurice Dickson from Zellwood

07/11/2020 Video to DVD

Great experience! Very knowledgeable and professional. So happy to see my old videos again and be able to share them with my children!

- Teresa Schwarz from Tavares

06/16/2020 Video to DVD

I would highly recommend home video to anyone who wants their home movies transferred to dvd.Mile did a beautiful job on all three of my home videos. Was happy I was told of his business

- Genie k from Lake mary

03/21/2020 Home Movie Transfer

The transformation of my 8mm film to DVD was beautifully created. The addition of music was a welcomed touch! Home Video Studio provides professional quality products and professional, friendly service. I definitely recommend their services! Thanks! EF

- E.F. from Mount Dora

03/02/2020 Home Movie Transfer

Really thankful for the help from Home Video Studio! My mom had purchased a CD of authentic Italian music during her trip to Europe and we desperately wanted to play this music at my wedding. Home Video Studio was able to convert the songs from the CD over to a thumb drive for our DJ to be able to use. They were professional, friendly and provided extremely timely service. Will most definitely be using them again in the future :)

- Sarah Scott from Tavares

01/21/2020 Video to DVD

I highly recommend them. Fast an excellent service they took a VHS tape that my fiancé had been changed it into a DVD this was a video very important to her and I could not afford to Mail it off anyway they were able to transfer to DVD’s in less than an hour. I definitely recommend them and I will be going back to them if I need to

- Terry Brock from Deltona

01/12/2020 Video to DVD

Service was excellent and they did a perfect job helping take me take my family memories and make them last forever

- Ryan Jenkins from Orange City

01/12/2020 Home Movie Transfer

Michael is truly a professional at restoring 8mm home movies and video tapes. He magically brings memories of the past into the present digital format. He restored our wedding 8mm film from 50 years ago and family video starting in 1990. It brought tears of joy to all who have seen it. Many of the family members are no longer with us so emotion was strong while watching. Michael and Kate are not only professionals in the video profession but are two of the nicest and most sincere people you could ever meet.

- Coni Reed from Altoona

01/08/2020 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you for the fine job on converting our film to digital, while some area were dark, as per you mentioning, we were able to enjoy fond memories of most of the film, thanks again.

- Patrick Lemieux from Mount Dora

01/08/2020 35mm slide transfer

My dad so appreciated those photo’s, as did I! Many of the people I didn’t know, but my dad did. We spent hours going through the individual photos. I sent it to my cousin in Wisconsin who said she watched, cried and thoroughly enjoyed the memories. It’s being shared with family. Your wonderful work brought much joy to many people. Thank You So Much!

- Chuck Reinertsen from Eustis

01/08/2020 Video to DVD

Great Service. Less than 24 hr turnaround for single tape.

- Drew Byer from Ocoee

12/21/2019 35mm slide transfer

Wonderful people to work with. They done a wonderful job on my videos and slides!

- Lisa Marvin from Tavares

11/13/2019 Photo Videos

Very professional as well as bringing a personal touch to my 40th anniversary video. Can't wait to unveil the finished product on November 17 during our anniversary celebration!! Everything was perfect especially the background music Pulling out all the stops to keep this thing going for another forty!! Journey on...

- Coco Allison from Deland

08/01/2019 Home Movie Transfer

I recently took very precious VHS tapes to "Home Video Studio" to transfer to DVD. I had not done this sooner because I had a fear of loosing, or damage to them. When I entered their studio, I immediately felt comfortable with them. They are very professional, and friendly. (I have found new friends.) My "Precious Memories" are now preserved on DVD. I have more to be done in the near future. I will be taking them to "Home Video Studio." Ellie Lowery

- Ellie Lowery from Mount Dora

06/06/2019 Video Services

On behalf of the folks here at First Presbyterian Church in Mount Dora, I would like to thank you so much for the two video projects you have done for us recently. In both cases, everything was done very professionally and in a timely manner, especially when we had a "rush job." Thanks for helping us out! Your prices are fair and I look forward to your help next time! Thank you again.

- Pastor Tom Biery from Mount Dora

06/05/2019 Home Movie Transfer

I had old movie reels that were taken using the 50’s and pictures taken by my parents . Home Video put them all on a DVD with music. It was a lot of fun to watch and remember. I can’t wait for our kids to come down and see. Nice experience.

- Judith MacPherson from Mount Dora

06/05/2019 Home Movie Transfer

On behalf of the folks here at First Presbyterian Church in Mount Dora, I would like to thank you for the two video projects you have done for us recently. In both cases, everything was done professionally and in a timely manner, especially when we had a “rush job.” Thanks for helping us out! Your prices are fair and I look forward to your help next time! Thank you again.

- Tom Biery from Mount Dora

05/29/2019 Home Movie Transfer

So happy to find Michael and Kate. So far they have done a 20 year old VHS and just finished a 53 year old Reel to Reel of my family with my very much missed Mother. I would recommend these 2 wonderful people for any family keepsake you want to bring up to date in our ever. Hanging technology life. Thank you Michael and Kate. ??????????????????????

- Nancy Harrell from Sorrento

05/23/2019 Video to DVD

It is hard to find a video convertion more professional than this couple. The presentation and final product were excellent. The personal touch and the people that made our videos ,restored our confidence in private businesses. Thanks again, Charles and Carolyn

- Charles Clark from Oxford

04/04/2019 Duplications

Michael restored some wonderful old photos of my Father and other family members. The finished product was better than the originals. Copies were made so I could share with other family members. Michael and his wife do excellent expedient restorations and compilations of whatever media you have. My wife will be giving him 8mm film to restore soon. The quality of his work is impeccable and I can recommend him to anyone.

- Lyle Williams from Tavares

03/24/2019 Video to DVD

We were very satisfied with the CDs that Michael transferred from our 30 plus year old tapes. We had several request for changes that was made after we reviewed the CDs. He was able to do this and had them ready the following day. The CDs can now be passed onto our children for their enjoyment as they are very clear. Thank you for a very professional job.

- Duane Haverstock from Leesburg

02/08/2019 Home Movie Transfer

It was such a pleasurable experience with Home Video Studio. The location is perfect and easy accessible for parking. The atmosphere once you enter is so inviting and the customer service was excellent. I was hesitant to leave personal recordings anywhere but mine needed to be digitized. I felt instantly relieved once I spoke to Micheal that there were in good hands. I flt that the pricing was fair and picking up my finished product was an even more exciting experience. It appears that Michael is a jazz fan and enjoyed my tapes so I felt even more connected. I will be back!

- Alicia Cheatham Croker from Leesburg

02/05/2019 Home Movie Transfer

I was 100% satisfied with Home Video Studio in Mt Dora, Florida. Michael was most helpful with assisting me with my choice going from Hi 8 tapes to a digital format.

- Joe Blandino from Andover

02/04/2019 Video to DVD

I was extremely pleased with the work that you did on my tapes!! Very professional and friendly!! If anyone needs their tapes done I would highly recommend this company. Thank you so much to you and your wife for the excellent job you did!!! Anita Berry

- Anita Berry from Umatilla

01/15/2019 Video to DVD

I took approximately 25 VHS tapes to Home Video Studio a few days before Christmas. At my request, Michael had three DVDs ready before Christmas so I could share them with my large family. Surprisingly to me, the DVDs were very clear, both orally and picture wise. A few days after Christmas, his wife called and said the remaining DVDs were ready to be picked up. We are extremely happy to have these DVDs to look at and share with our family. Some tapes were more than 30 years old. In addition to being so satisfied with Michael's work, they were very friendly to me. I recommend HVS to anyone.

- Marilyn Reeder from Mount Dora, FL

10/26/2018 Home Movie Transfer

I recently lost my Mom to a battle with cancer. I have many pictures of her throughout her life but also had some old slides from the late 1960's and early 70's that have been stored in attic space probably from the time they were taken. We decided we wanted to make a video with revolving pictures of my mother set to her favorite music at her celebration of life. I needed to have some of the slides digitally enhanced and added to a disk in order to get it mailed to Pennsylvania for my Sister to finish the project. My initial phone conversation was with Home Video made me feel very comfortable

- Terry Laird from Mount Dora

10/26/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Top notch service, fair pricing, excellent quality. Very happy with the process and end result. Thank you! Kevin

- Kevin Robson from Grand Island

10/26/2018 Video Editing

Home Video Studio made an awesome video to share at my 40th +1 class reunion. It was certainly enjoyed by all! He did a great job!

- Carolyn Green from Mount Dora

09/06/2018 Video Production

My wife's grandmother was approaching her 80th birthday. I had her meet with Michael who interviewed her on camera and created a special video with pictures from her photo albums. When her birthday rolled around, I was able to surprise the family with a DVD that Michael put together. We watched as a family and laughed and cried and learned things we never knew about this wonderful woman. I will never forget my wife and mother-in-law separately hugging me through tears as they thanked me for this special gift.

- Christian Rasband from Orlando FL

08/21/2018 Video to DVD

Michael, Thank you for a great job. Your turn around speed was fantastic. I gave you an old VHS tape of a fireworks show I produced for the Philadelphia Phillies for them after their home game on July 3, 1986. I now have a digital copy of the event which I can share with my grandkids to see. Sincerely, Nick Girone, Mayor City of Mount Dora 510 N. Baker Street Mount Dora, FL 32757

- Nick Girone from Mount Dora

08/21/2018 Home Movie Transfer

My wife and her sister decided to transfer their family’s old 8mm video reels placed on digital media and entrusted Michael & Kate Ondrasik, from Home Video Studio and the result was more than we could have ever imagined. Once we put the ‘Jump Drive’ into our TV and started watching the old film footage of her family with the added 70’s music in the background, it was very emotional and brought back great memories for Sandrine. Michael is a true professional that restores your family history and memories in a magical way. Thank you Michael & Kate!

- Stephen Flint from Eustis

08/20/2018 Home Movie Transfer

From the very first contact to the last chat we had, Michael has not only shown a commitment to excellence of service, but also a devotion to his art that is only surpassed by the warmth of sincerity. The quality of his work was outstanding, as was the speed of delivery and impeccable presentation. I would highly recommend Michael at Home Video Studio of Mount Dora FL, for those facts alone, but his very competitive prices make Home Video Studio a must for all film, photos, slides, cassettes conversions and other video services.

- Joseph Di Maio from Orlando

08/15/2018 Video to DVD

Home video studio is awesome! My daughters theatre performance was professionally video recorded but we were only given a video link to view her performance. Michael very quickly and professionally converted the video to a dvd and we are now able to watch as a family on our large screen tv. Thank you so much!!

- Julie Ruggiero from Orlando

08/01/2018 Video to DVD

Within a couple of weeks, we were watching our movies at home. So much clarity has been added to memories that in some case were quite vague. What fun it is to see myself, my husband and our daughter, when she was born 25 years ago. And watching the progression is even more fun. I would encourage anyone to take your cherished memories from storage and make them vivid…bring them to life. But I would only trust a professional like Michael with something so very invaluable.

- Michele Giancola from Mount Dora

05/31/2018 Photo Videos

My mother-in-law was so impressed by a friends' dvd that was done by her kids to celebrate their anniversary that I thought it would be the perfect gift for her to make one with our family pictures. Well, this was 5 years ago and finally after seeing Home Video Studio recommended from friends on Facebook took what I'd compiled to Michael. My husband and I had seen these pictures many times but when we watched the video both of us had tears in our eyes! I had a vision of what I wanted, but never expected it to be so nicely done. Needless to say, my mother-in-law loved it!

- Elizabeth Lehman from Clermont

03/22/2018 Photo Videos

Michael worked with us on 19 VHS and one music compilation production converted to DVD. Outstanding response by friends and family on the “Times of your Life” production. Thank You! I will definitely keep you in mind for future business.

- Michael Maio from Port Richey

02/13/2018 Photo Videos

It's hard sometimes to capture into words the measure of a man and his life. As a Celebrant, I have the privilege to do just that. Sometimes...a life story comes along that is so BIG, and has so many layers and details that words just aren't enough. Right now, I am in the middle of assembling the details of someone's story where their life and all it's multi-layered and juicy details just won't fit onto a page. I have to do this and work within the 5 senses to be able to really highlight and focus on this magnificent life I am about to honor. Using Home Video Studio for their ability to help with a big project like this was a natural and right choice for this moment. Michael's careful attention to details and his gentle guidance on slides and creating the right fades, and moments when an image should appear during a perfect song that fit this person was spot on for every slide he created and integrated into the big moving picture. His ability to tap into the emotion and the heart of what is going on, separates him from any ordinary service provider. He feels the moment as he goes and understands what is on the line with each client he works with. In my line of work, there are no do overs, so it's important to work with partners that understand this also. Having worked with Home Video Studio several times, I always walk away feeling like my clients and their own personal needs are being taken care of, just like family. It's as if Michael truly dives into the story as it is unfolding, knowing the elements and contribution he is responsible for has the ability to open hearts and minds, and move the viewer deeply. I look forward to working with Michael again, and I know that through the years, as I am able to...he will pick up his tools and meet me or my clients right where they are at that moment (Weddings, Celebrations of Life or another monumental life occasion) and truly create a treasure that can be enjoyed for many generations to come. I simply cannot say enough good things about this company. In some situations I find myself in, emotions are high, but to be able to give the families I work with a beautiful memory and life story, and add to it the excellence of Michael's masterful work, brings me deep peace and joy. I have complete confidence that the families I work with are in good hands when we are able to utilize and include video and presentation services that Home Video Studio provides.

- Gloria Savannah Austin from Sorrento

12/15/2017 Duplications

I had DVD's of digitized Super 8 film and VHS cassettes that were produced by an out-of-state company. Wanting to share these old family mementos with my daughters in their Christmas stockings, Michael was able to provide the copies in a timely manner, at a reasonable cost! He delivered a great product in the time frame he promised, and nicely packaged. I definitely recommend using Home Video Studio!

- Joe M in Sorrento from Sorrento

12/04/2017 Audio Tape Transfer

We had a lot of home movies on Super 8 film and audio tapes from my growing years and old days in the broadcast business. What we didn't have was the equipment required to play or show this media. Enter Home Video Studio. Now my children and grandchildren are reliving my early years, and meeting their great grandparents through the magic of pictures and audio recordings. A wonderful investment that will pay off forever! Thanks, Michael.

- Ken Peach from Orlando, FL

10/24/2017 Video to DVD

Had a last minute thought to send a Wedding video to our Son and daughter in law for their anniversary. Needed to mail it within two days contacted Mike who was very pleasant and very professional and did my transfer right away. Mailed them to our kids, they loved the gift that brought back 16 year old memories. Thanks Michael Your DVD's and service was great Jack

- Jack Riggan from Mt Dora

10/04/2017 Video to DVD

The process of having all of our old video cassettes uploaded onto one convienent external drive was easy, quick and pain-free! Michael explained all my options, and helped me select the option that was best for me. He delivered a great product in the time frame he promised. I definitely recommend using Home Video Studio!

- Anne from Mount Dora

10/02/2017 Video to DVD

They did our archived family movies.... AWESOME job!!!

- Amy from Mount Dora

06/22/2017 Video to DVD

I just feel I must tell you that I know technically this is a tape transfer but in reality it is so much more. For a brief moment today my mother, my brother, step-dad, grandparents and loved ones were brought back to life. Today, I feel as as if I could finally say the goodbyes those who have lost loved ones often seek to no avail. I was able to show my wife family members-she had only heard about in my stories-for the first time today. I can show my daughter her grandmother, let her listen to my mother's voice. Words can not express how grateful I am for the experience you gave me today. With Deepest Appreciation, Benjamin

- Benjamin from Mount Dora

06/12/2017 Video Editing

Michael was a charm to work with. Together we edited materials for my daughters wedding video and then he transferred over 250 photo's, all within two days! I'll be back for sure.

- Joan from Longwood

06/11/2017 Photo Videos

My husband passed away recently and I'm so lost without him. We are planning a Celebration of Life for family and friends to share all our wonderful memories. I needed years of photos put on a DVD that I could play at the celebration and the video had to be very special to honor the love of my life. Michael took the time to offer ideas for the video that would depict the dedication and love my husband showed to each and every one of his family and friends. My 100% Italian hubby always filled up a room with his booming laughter and jokes and he never met a stranger. I cannot begin to describe the DVD Michael put together except to say the tears fell as I watched those memories come alive. Michael's quality of work is what we all look for but seldom find. So, thank you Michael for your expertise and kindness. If anyone is looking for video services, look no further. Michael is your man.

- JODI RAFFA from Groveland

05/30/2017 35mm slide transfer

After checking with several video business,s in the area, we are so happy that we picked HOME VIDEO STUDIO. Michael had so much patience with us explaining what could be done. We had fifty five year old wedding slides put on a disc so we could pictures made up and we were able to put on computer. Couldn,t believe our eyes at what a wonderful job Michael did. All we can say is don,t think about having Michael do your work. JUST DO IT. YOU WILL NOT BE SORRY.

- ernest smith from the villages

04/14/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Home Video Store is absolutely wonderful!!! What a great job you did transfering my home movie tapes from the 1960's onto a dvd. It came out awesome!!!! I was able to see neverbefore seen footage of my mother, father, aunt, and grandmother who all have long since passed. It sure did bring light to our family again. Thank you!!! I would recommend you to everyone!!!!

- Lori Lee from Mount Dora

04/05/2017 Video to DVD

I had no idea just how emotional it would be to sit down and watch memories from almost 25 years ago. Trusting someone to do this for you is just as emotional. Michael at Home Video studio was kind and reassuring not to mention he seems to get equally excited knowing what a treat is in store for you. So yes I would and will continue to use HVS to transfer my memories for me. Thank you!!

- Denise Lanza from Mount Dora

04/04/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Home Video Studio was great. We had movies almost 50 years old and they transferred them to CD. Our family loved them and i recommend them to anyone that wants movies, video tapes converted. They were fast and the price was great. We will use them more in the future. Thank you from our family.

- Dean Simmons from Eustis

03/21/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Home video did an awesome job! It was clear w great sound and done when promised! I'm digging thru drawers for more movies to transfer so we can have more family movie/dinner nights! Will definitely be back soon??

- Erin Peeler from Eustis fl

02/22/2017 Home Movie Transfer

How many times have you opened a cabinet or looked at a plastic bin or box and inside are your OLD videos and photographs screaming to be organized and restored or preserved? I did that for countless years because I had 100 reasons for delaying until one day I didn't. My sister and I got organized, went through family photos of loved ones long gone and still with us and handed over our starter pile to Michael Ondrasik with Home Video Studio. We knew we could trust Michael to take care of our films and photos and valued the personal interaction as we discussed what we wanted, which included music. The final products brought us to tears, revealed moments we had never seen before of our parents in their early years and are treasures we can now watch over and over. I highly recommend opening those cabinets and containers, gathering up your life memories and heading to see Michael now! You will be so glad you did!. Susan Olvey

- Susan Olvey from Longwood

02/20/2017 Home Movie Transfer

I recently had the Home Video Studio transfer some really old movie reels to a DVD. I was surprised how many of my small reels fit on one small disk. It is so much more convenient to view, and the music they added gave the pictures a special effect. It can sure bring back special memories. Some from 50 years ago.

- JudyD. BOWLING from Tavares Florida

02/09/2017 Video to DVD

Thanks Micheal for a job well done and at a very reasonable price. I had been wanting to transfer our video tapes to DVD for years, but didn't know who to trust with our precious children's home videos. I will definitely work with you again and would highly recommend your services to others.

- Lynne from Leesburg

01/20/2017 Video Services

I appreciate all your help. You came thru for us when time was an issue. I highly recommend you to anyone.

- Joseph Toarmina from MT DORA

01/17/2017 Audio Tape Transfer

I had a 31-year-old, broken cassette that held priceless music of my family singing for my Dad's Wake. Mike did a fabulous job of fixing tape and transferring it to disc. I am very happy with the work he did and its clarity! I will use his services again in the future. Amy

- Amelia Cooper from Melrose

01/09/2017 Video to DVD

Thank you ever so much, Michael, for doing such a quick & fantastic job of transferring our 1988 Cruise to DVDs. These were very special moments shared with our two daughters when they were teens. They were very surprised and thrilled to receive them for Christmas.

- Erika Viskup from Tavares

12/22/2016 Video to DVD

A big thank you to Michael. Found my Dad's VHS tapes from over 20 years ago and knew it was time to convert them to DVD'S. Their prices were more reasonable and he finished in a week. I have four more tapes and plan to return soon.

- Suzanne Hall from Orlando

12/21/2016 Video to DVD

Michael was a pleasure to work with. He finished my home video transfers even quicker than he initially promised and I was very impressed with the quality of the videos (which were 20 years old) and the custom DVD cases he made for each one. Overall a very professional service and I will be back soon to transfer more old videos. 5 stars!

- Randy Thompson from Leesburg

12/20/2016 Video to DVD

WOW!!! What an awesome company to work with! I did a FB inquiry and got a call within hours, took my tapes to them same day and got an email 2 days later saying it was all done and ready! They were put in a special package and ready for gift giving! It's been MY pleasure working with this awesome company and I look forward to using them for lots more!!! Thank you for making these special memories my favorite gift this season!!

- Kelly Wright from Apopka,Fl.

12/20/2016 Video Editing

i feel so lucky i found home video studio Michael was so professional and he did a perfect job the first time after i told him what id like he didnt have to reedit anything he knew what i wanted i reccomend him 100%

- david from sorrento

12/02/2016 35mm slide transfer

great job transferring 30-year-old negatives to photos.

- Steve from Eustis

11/18/2016 Home Movie Transfer

I was extremely pleased with my wedding video. The film was over 42 years old and I had not taken proper care in storing it. I was amazed at how it came out, music was added which made it more enjoyable to watch. Michael I can't thank you enough for a job very well done.

- Beverly from Eustis

11/18/2016 Video to DVD

Fantastic Job !!!! Brought so many very old memories back to life. Thank you so much to the Home Video Studio Team !!!!!!!!

- Susan from Kissimmee

09/20/2016 Video to DVD

I would like to recommend the work of Michael at He transferred 2 video tapes to DVDs in a very professional, timely, inexpensive manner.I am one very happy satisfied customer who would highly recommend Michael for all your video/DVD needs.

- Ron from Apopka

07/21/2016 Photo Videos

I can't thank you enough for the DVD you made for my brother's Life Celebration. It was absolutely perfect. The timing of each photo coordinated so beautifully with the music and the presentation truly captured the essence of my brother. During such a sad time, photos of happier times truly help those grieving. Thanks again for doing such a professional job, in such a short time period, and for your thoughtfulness and courtesy.

- Kathy from Mount Dora

07/18/2016 Home Movie Transfer

wow...we have had the best laughter and tears looking at our videos from 1998 and up. All the memories of island living in the bahamas and back to the fl keys in 2001. Thanks Mike. We are enjoying seeing our old times. Nice work.

- Cheryl Christ from Tavares

07/05/2016 Photo Videos

I used Home Video Studio to take my daughters baby book ,all her photos growing up to the age of 50. I had Michael transfer VHS tapes onto a CD along with her school graduation and so on. Including Christmas tapes of her growing up. All the surprising memories that my heart whats her to have close by to treasure. Michael was great to work with, I recommend his services. He's completely professional and compassionate to your desires for the finished product. It was a gift for her 50th money I've ever spent.

- Joyce Bowles-McLemore from Mount Dora

07/02/2016 Audio Tape Transfer

Thanks for the work you did in converting our small reel tape made in July 30, 1966 to a CD that we can play for our guests July 30, 2016, that is 50 years after the event. We played the CD on our CD Player and it sounds just as it did in 1966 , you have done a very good job,. As we play the CD to our friends we will tell them the story and where we got the little reel tape transferred to a lovely CD. Thanks, and may God blesses your business as you put your trust in Him. Joe & Uldine Jeremiah. 7/2/16

- Joseph Jeremiah from Minneola, FL 34715

06/09/2016 Photo Videos

Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did on the memorial video of my mom. You took the photos I gave you of my mom and turned them into a beautiful keepsake. Everyone from family to friends were very moved by the video you made. Thank you again - Shannon

- Shannon from Mount Dora

06/09/2016 Video to DVD

Thank you again Mike - will definitely use you again, and recommend you, to our friends - Anne

- Anne from Garfield Heights OH

06/05/2016 Video to DVD

I do highly recommend this company. Did a wonderful job for my daughter's birthday surprise. Extremely nice and very professional gentleman. Please give it a try !!!!

- Pam from Leesburg

06/04/2016 35mm slide transfer

Thank you so much, you did a brilliant job with some very poor negatives. I can now print these priceless photos and I am so happy. I am now going through some of my old VHS tapes to convert to DVD. I will be in touch shortly on them. Again, I can't thank you enough, Laura

- Laura from Longwood

05/26/2016 Home Movie Transfer

I got my 8 mm transfer back Saturday and I am quite pleased with their work so much so I will be bringing more to them

- Jimmy Valdez from Winter Garden

05/26/2016 Video to DVD

Thanks, Michael for doing such a great job of transferring my VHS tapes to DVD!

- Karen King from Apopka

05/26/2016 Video Production

I want to thank Michael from Home Video Studio for his amazing production of my video from simple photographs to a beautiful DVD, accompanied by music that fit the pictures exactly to a T. From the first meeting, Michael was nothing but professional and courteous and helpful, giving advice when needed, and allowing me to express what I wanted to be done as well. In one or two days, the project was complete, and I was alerted via email that my DVD was ready. When I came to pick it up, Michael provided me with viewing time in a cozy chair and comfortable environment so that I could approve the wonderful DVD he made. I highly recommend Michael with Home Video Studio for any video need you may have!

- Clarice Fourari from Mt.Dora

05/19/2016 Video to DVD

Michael, thanks for doing such a great job converting our digital tapes to DVD and MP4. Your work was excellent, as well as prompt and reasonably priced. We look forward to working with you on our future video needs. Russ/The AMAC Foundation

- Russ from Leesburg

05/15/2016 Video to DVD

Michael, just want to say you did an excellent job; we are very pleased. The video quality of the DVD's surpass the original tapes, and the labelling and organization of the discs are well presented. It is rare to purchase a product that is better than expected and be such a great value. This is something we are truly enjoying now and will for generations. Herb Hodgman

- Herb from Plantation

04/12/2016 Video to DVD

Great job, thanks for the memories!

- Peter from Clermont

03/14/2016 Video to DVD

I found several 8mm cassettes recently that were about 20 years old. They mostly featured my children as babies. I did not have a working camera to play them nor would I have wanted to take the risk of damaging them. I found that Home Video Studio offered the services of transferring them to a DVD format. I dropped them off and had them back in about a weeks time. My family and I sat around and watched them for the first time last week. What a great time we had watching these. My children really appreciated this and it made a special gift for them. Michael at Home Video Studio is great to work with. The services are truly professional. I will be using them again in the future. Thanks for preserving the memories! Tony L. Groveland, FL.

- Tony from Groveland

03/10/2016 Home Movie Transfer

I needed a quck turnaround on a project and Home Video Studio's provided just what I needed. They provided me with a quality product and a one day turn around. They provided me with courteous and professional service and I would highly recommend them.

- Mike from Morelli

03/03/2016 Home Movie Transfer

I recently decided to have old home movies on 8mm tapes transferred to DVDs. Home Video studio did a great job. The quality is good and I can skip ahead to different segments. Also, they were packaged professionally and I can identify what is on each DVD just from the cover. Love it (and am having so much fun reminiscing)!

- Vickie from Tavares

02/26/2016 Video Editing

Great service, fast turnaround, very happy with the finished product.

- Lisa from Sorrento

02/26/2016 Video to DVD

Very friendly, knowledgeable, professional service! Order processed fast, and was nicely packaged for pickup. This was a VHS to DVD transfer. Multiple still frames of VHS movie were printed on the DVD holder cover.....nice touch!

- Steve Kaplan from Groveland

02/17/2016 Video to DVD

I desperately needed a dvd made from vhs for my father's memorial party quickly done. I could not find anywhere in Orlando to help me, but my husband found Mike on the internet and what a terrific job he did! Not only did he get the dvd made in 1 day, he added music to it and the family loved it! I can't thank Mike enough for making the party for my WW11 veteran father such a special occasion! Have already recommended him to several friends in Orlando.

- Susie from Orlando

01/06/2016 Video to DVD

The recordings from my VHS tapes is something I've tried to do for quiet a while. Even bought a device that was suppose to do it for me. That was a disaster, and a waste of money. My tapes were of family events, so I was concerned about not ruining them. Michael did beautiful work, and also put them in a case and wrote on them about each event. Christmas day we all enjoyed looking back 25 years ago. My granddaughters ( ages, 23,21,& 16 ) made a lot of comments, as you can imagine. Thank you Michael.

- Donna from Mount Dora

01/06/2016 Video to DVD

Michael is a great example of under-promising and over-delivering. He did a great job of transferring a VCR tape of old family videos to DVD just in time for Christmas. We were very pleased with the way he packaged it with pictures on the cover of the DVD case and the turnaround time was far quicker than promised.

- Richard Joel from Tavares

12/20/2015 Video to DVD

High quality transfer services, with tremendous personal attention. Could not be more pleased. Would highly recommend.

- Charles Stepnowski from The Villages

10/15/2015 Video to DVD

Michael Ondrasik did a fantastic job on transferring five VHS to DVDs that were over 25 years old. I couldn't be more pleased from the excellent results. I highly recommend the quality of work that I received in a very short timeline.

- Chris Obert from Ocala

10/11/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Everything worked great! Two old 50 foot 8mm reels were converted to a .mov file which I exported to iMovie, added some transitions and a music track and ended up with a professional-looking DVD for family members. I have used another service previously, but Home Video Studio gives the best results by far. I intend to them convert the rest of my old 8mm films.


10/07/2015 Video to DVD

I had a wonderful experience with getting my VHS tapes changed over to DVDs, they were old home movies I found at my parents' house. When I got them back and took them to my parents they sat for hours watching them. It was a great gift. I highly recommend HOME VIDEO OF MT DORA and I will definitely use them again and again and again!!!!

- Sandy from Sorrento

10/06/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I'm so happy with the work you did converting my 8mm home movies to DVD. The home movies were 55-70 years old and I wasn't able to view them properly on the old projectors. I picked them up on my way to work that day and looked forward to watching them when I got home. It was amazing ! Seeing my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, all who are now gone, was so special to me. To see them laughing and enjoying being together. I can't even describe how I felt. The music from that era that you added was perfect. I sat and watched all, and will cherish these DVDs forever. Michael I hope you can give the same gift to others. Thank you so very much. Karen.

- Karen from Sorrento

09/23/2015 Video to DVD

Excellent transfer of our old vhs tapes to dvd. Each segment of the tape is listed as a separate part on the dvd making for easy review. Very professional done! Turnaround time was quick..

- arlene from sanford

09/11/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I had about 15 old VHS tapes converted to DVD for my mother as a Christmas present. Hands down, the best gift I have ever given her. In fact, we watched the DVD's later Christmas evening. The DVD's come with chapters, so it made searching and skipping through the videos easy, so we actually got through all of the footage in about an hour or two. Of course, my mother was crying her eyes out. Anyway, Mike at the business was awesome....he's "good people" for sure. I will definitely be sending people to Mike and his business.

- Jed Main from Orlando

09/09/2015 Video to DVD

Like so many others the old VHS and super 8's were always there, carried around from town to town with a promise that someday we would find a way to view them soon. When we lost our daughter in 2008 it was too difficult to even think about looking at past memories. But as always time heals and God gives us the strength to understand his plan. So after driving by your Mount Dora location many times we decided to take the plunge and bring all our memories to Home Video Studios. Mike, thank you for a great job and bringing to life memories of the past. Chuck & Bettye Cox

- Chuck Cox from Mount Dora

08/26/2015 Home Movie Transfer

A year ago I decided to transfer our home movies to DVD's and give them as Christmas gifts to our two children so they could watch their life growing up. We had two sets made, one for each. They are so excited to have them. We recently had another set of 10 made and we know they will enjoy those too! Thanks to Home Video for bringing the past 20 years to life! We have more old tapes to go and we are sure to use their services. Thanks again. We'll be back!

- Joy from Leesburg

08/21/2015 Video Services

What a wonderful birthday surprise for my daughter. Michael took some very old and not well cared for home movies she had taken of her baby girl that would be going off to college soon and transferred them to DVD's. I walked in with a bag of tapes that I wasn't even sure could be saved. And WOW everyone that watched them has been impressed with the quality. They went above and beyond by delivering them to my home so she would get them on her birthday. What a wonderful service. I would highly recommend them to everyone and I do every chance I get. Thanks again

- Jane Lappin from Tavares

08/20/2015 Video to DVD

I was so happy to have a mechanism to transfer our old family videos to a more permanent medium. I found Home Video Studio to be helpful. knowledgeable and very customer-friendly. I would definitely use them again, and recommend them to others.

- Terrie Watkins from Mount Dora

07/26/2015 35mm slide transfer

What a great treat it is to have my old slides viewable now that Mike at Home Video Studio has digitized them. The pictures look better today than they did in the olden days when we projected our slides on to the wall. When I found these old slides I was a bit afraid to bring them just anywhere as they were faded and not in good shape at all. Friends told me about Home Video Studio and that it was worth the drive from my home in Longwood, to Mount Dora to get the very best service. I agree!

- Roxane from Longwood

07/25/2015 Video to DVD

home video is the best! the service and the product results were fantastic! recommend them to any of my family or friends

- Wendy Cawley from Altamonte Springs

07/25/2015 Home Movie Transfer

i could not ask for better results from home video studio when i picked up my new dvd's.they were perfect and the price was so much better than any where else i had inquired.thank you again.

- don brumfield from sorrento

07/23/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Hello, Mike the home video DVD turned out pretty good especially considering the films are over 50 years old. The quality , added music , the trust , and personable assistance gave us a positive experience and we will recommend your business to others. Thank you for helping us Randy

- Randy Milford from Deland

07/21/2015 Video to DVD

As I drive to downtown Mt Dora almost every day, I was attracted to the Video Services sign one day,slowed down & read the services offered and then remembered that I had several old VCR tapes of various international travel trips, family gatherings and even an interview with Tiger Woods! Gathered them up and took them to Mike. Can't begin to tell everyone how very pleased I am with the outcome that now can be saved for the next generation...professionally done,attractive pricing and speedy service....Keep it up, Mike !

- Bob Jackson from Mt. Dora

07/14/2015 Home Movie Transfer

We were so pleased to find Michael & The Home Video Studio in Mt Dora. He did an awesome job transferring our home movies from 30 years ago, and the turn around time was great. Our friends will be visiting in a few days and we cannot wait to share our memories together from so many years ago with all of our grown children! Thank you again!!

- Barbara Castillo from Mount Dora

07/08/2015 Video to DVD

We recently decided we need to preserve our old family home movies that were on many old VHS and 8mm videotapes. We chose Home Video Studio in Mount Dora to convert them to DVDs and were very happy with the speed of delivery and the quality of the results. Michael is always very helpful and responsive. We definitely recommend this service.

- David & Paula from Mount Dora

06/28/2015 Video to DVD

I've been waiting to find the right person to transfer those special family tapes into DVDs and I did at your business. Thank you for the promote excellent work. I was able to send off the DVDs to my siblings while visiting my parents at Waterman Village. My parents and I watched the first one while I was still there and they shared many happy memories as they watched their early years unfold. Thank you, I'll be back with the next project. Peggy

- Peggy Miniclier from Mt Dora

06/28/2015 Video Production

Very impressed with the state-of-the-art equipment and fast and friendly service. As a corporate marketing executive of 25 years, I'd highly recommend HVS

- Jeff Baset from Mount Dora

06/22/2015 Video to DVD

Very profession, excellent service and reasonably priced. Thank you Lisa

- Lisa Revell from Mount Dora

06/22/2015 Video to DVD

Thanks Mike, Great job. Great turnaround time. Will do business with you again.

- Scott from Mt.Dora

06/11/2015 Video to DVD

Great experience and customer service. On 2000 I had a special event that was recorded on a video cassette. On 2015 Michael from home video studio transfered all the memories into a DVD. Now me and my family enjoy those memories together. Thanks home video for your exelente and affordable services!

- Joe from Clermont

06/09/2015 Video to DVD

This was my first visit and I am glad I came! While cleaning my parent's basement my sisters and I found old home movies in a format none of us understood. I bundled them up and took them to Home Video Studio. The owner was very professional and provided me with reasonable pricing. Within a week he had created a set of DVD's in an attractive and well labeled package. It was the perfect Father's Day gift for my Dad and the entire Family. There's nothing like sharing family memories! Thanks Home Video Studio.

- Pam Ward from Eustis

05/19/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you for copying over 40 8mm films onto two DVD's. These movies were over 50 years old and contained family memories. The DVD's came out beautifully, and the background music you added enhanced the viewing. Very professional work. I highly recommend your business to others who are considering converting old movies onto a DVD.

- Frank Libby from Tavares

05/11/2015 Video Editing

I was very satisfied with the work and can recommend this business.

- Dietmar Fuchs from Lady Lake

04/29/2015 Video Editing

Thanks for the great job you did with Kim's video. You worked wonders with the old tapes that had been copied and recopied several times. Loved your ideas and the way you turned bits and pieces into a fun video.

- Sally from Winter Park

04/28/2015 Video to DVD

Michael was absolutely wonderful...I had some "old" VCR's that I was afraid would be destroyed if I attempted to play them. These were family tapes (one had been made from some very old 1940's and after film of we "kids" growing up. Not only was the job completed as promised but even sooner and the CD of our VERY old movies even had some of our movies with a few pics on the cover insert and correctly labeled for future reference. These were also gifts for a couple of relatives...they LOVED THEM! I will ONLY use Michael and Home Video Studio" for all future transfers!

- Barbara from Dade City

04/15/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Michael did our 8mm to DVD transfer in much shorter time compared to what other outlets estimated. The communication was great, everything done as promised. A very reliable studio, I would recommend them with total confidence and am thankful for the great job done!

- Irina Fleming from Tampa

03/27/2015 Video to DVD

What a great job you did on the Super 8 videos I brought to you! I had never seen what was on them and thought I would just have to throw them away. Now they are on DVD's and have brought back great memories. We also had a VCR tape that my husband wanted badly to keep & it too is now on DVD. We are so happy with your service and will recommend you to our friends.

- Judy Bush from Leesburg FL

03/26/2015 Video to DVD

We can't thank you enough for the excellant work you did on the DVD"S.We have been watching them and we love each one. Thank you again.Roger and Alicia Olson

- Alicia Olson from Bushnell

03/18/2015 Video Editing

I recently asked Mike to put a GoPro video of my first solo flight, along with some music from a CD, onto a DVD for me. He did an excellent job and the price was very reasonable. I wanted to remember this moment forever and I also wanted to show it to friends and family. Mike made this possible. Besides his skill he is a very nice person and easy to work with. I would not hesitate in using his services in the future and I would recommend him highly. Rick Baron LOMD resident

- Rick Baron from Mount Dora

03/03/2015 Video Services

Michael, went above and beyond to to complete my video needs. I would recommend his services to everyone.

- Todd from Mount Dora

02/24/2015 Video to DVD

very happy with the job mike did. I will definatly be back!

- scott pensala from apopka

02/15/2015 Video to DVD

After having a bad experience at a well known conversion facility in Tennessee where my converted video had quality problems, the discs were not labeled, and worst of all my discs were sent to someone else and I got theirs, I decided to try a local shop. I had seen ads for Home Video Studio so I contacted the owner, Michael. When I told him of the issues, he had me bring the original camera (which I am glad I had kept) in along with the tapes. He confirmed that the tapes had tracking issues, but they would play fine in the original camera. He took the time to use my camera to play back every tape and got excellent digital copies. When I came to pick them up, I was so happy to see how nicely the discs where labeled and in a protective case. It was also a lot less stressful knowing that I could hand deliver and pickup my precious memories, instead of praying they made it through the mail. I am very happy with the work Home Video Studio did for me and I highly recommend them.

- Aaron Arnold from Eustis

02/11/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I had some 8mm home movies that my Dad took back in the 50's and no way to view them. Home video did a great job preserving these memories for us. Great place to bring your treasures.

- John Parman from Leesburg

02/10/2015 Video to DVD

I am writing this testimonial to let all your future clients know how lucky they are to have found you and Home Video Studio of Mount Dora. I gave you 2 mini DV tapes to transfer onto DVD. Those tapes contained video of a trip through Europe with my wife that was one of the best trips we ever had. The content of those tapes are extremely important to us and the thought of the tapes being lost, broken, or simply deteriorating was unacceptable. The final product we received back from you was beyond what we expected. Instead of just getting back 2 DVDs in a plastic holder, we received 2 platinum archival grade DVDs that were professionally labeled with a title, part, and your contact info. Both DVDs were safely packaged in an individual DVD case with Title on the front AND about 40 screen pics of the video content. All delivered in a gift bag that included the written invoice. The video quality was superb and each DVD had numerous chapters included so I could easily skip through the content at will. The icing on the cake was being able to pay online with a credit card or PayPal through an email invoice. My wife and I have really enjoyed re-living this amazing trip thanks to Mike and Home Video Studio of Mount Dora. The level of quality and professionalism we received far exceeded our expectations and we will not hesitate to bring any and all projects to Mike again in the future. He has proven himself to be a man of quality and that is what every person I know is looking for in a referral from me. Thanks Mike!!!

- Paul Bastien from Maitland

02/01/2015 Video to DVD

I just picked up 3 VHS tapes that were transferred to DVDs. The service was very friendly and fast. Great to have this kind of service locally, finally! Thank you Michael.

- Amy from Mount Dora

02/01/2015 Duplications

I am so excited to have found this fabulous company!! My husband was a member of an award winning chorus in high school. The records from those days were just sitting in a drawer until I heard about the services this company provides. Imagine my husband's delight when he received CD copies of those records. Now he can relive those fun memories again through listening to history come to life. Thanks Mike and Home Video Studio!!

- Camille Wilson from Eustis

01/30/2015 Video to DVD

Thank you Michael and Home Video Studio for doing such a wonderful job in transferring our video tapes to DVD. The family videos are very valuable to us and now that they are on DVDs we can enjoy them more often. I have recommended your firm to several people within our community. Thank you again.

- Susan Finney from Mount Dora

01/26/2015 Duplications

Had Mike covert some very old family slides to 4X6 color prints. He touched them up and they came out beautifully. They were distributed to family members at a funeral and they brought back many happy memories to those in attendance. Thanks Mike.

- Steve shank from My. Dora

01/21/2015 Home Movie Transfer

When I took over water aerobics 3 years ago, I tried to locate someone who could transfer the cassette tapes to cd's. When I saw the Home Video Studio ad in the Daily Commercial's tv section, I knew I had found a treasure right here in Mount Dora. Michael did a very professional job in a pleasurable environment. I will be using his services again. Karen from Mount Dora

- Karen from Mount Dora

01/18/2015 Video to DVD

How nice it was to find Home Video so close to me. Was very happy with the work done. Home movies are next. Mike was very professional and friendly.

- Gary from Yalaha

01/10/2015 Video to DVD

I had a VHS that had been damaged and was afraid I had lost those memories forever. I took the damaged VHS to Home Video Studio and they had it repaired and on a DVD in less than a week. Such a wonderful experience and so happy to have the memories saved. I have a few other VHS that need to be transferred and will of course continue to use the Mount Dora Home Video Studio.

- Courtney from Mt Dora

01/10/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Michael and his wife exceeded all my expectations great quality product and fast service they are a class act. Definitely I'll be a returning customer.

- Wayne Gadreault from winterpark, florida

12/30/2014 Video to DVD

I recently found about 20 old video tapes that were unmarked. I took them to Michael and he quickly got them on a DVD for me. What a wonderful surprise! My family and I have been watching them over and over. I had no idea that I had recorded so many clips of my family and I had forgotten so many moments that now I was able to recapture. It is the best present I could have given to myself. So many memories coming back to life. I am 100% thrilled with the entire experience.

- Kelley from Sorrento

12/29/2014 Video to DVD

I took 12 and got them transferred it was my special gift for all 4 kids. Talk about a hit! They are priceless!

- Deanne from Eustis

12/29/2014 Video to DVD

I recently used "Home Video Studio". I used this business to reproduce some old VHS's family reunions to DVD's. I am very pleased & an thrilled that we now have this local business in town. I highly recommend & intend to take some more old VHS;s in.

- Victoria from Eustis

12/29/2014 Video to DVD

Thank you so much for the great job you did with my videos. From the first hello to the presentation at pick up. Every detail was so professional. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my priceless family memories. I have boxes of tapes to bring you. I may not make it in until after the New Year. See you soon. Happy Holidays...

- Crystal from Mount Dora

12/23/2014 Video Editing

There are a lot of options with regard to preserving your memories whether they be slides, photos, tapes or digital files. Many techniques are available to the home consumer for fairly low prices. At the end of the day, however, if you want your memories to be truly treasured I suggest speaking with Michael, expressing your wishes and letting him do what he does best; making your memories live again. Our whole family sat down for three hours and didn't move from the TV once. There was laughter, there were tears, but most importantly there was our family, together. Michael can make that happen for any family, for my family, and most certainly for your family.

- Lane from Apopka

12/15/2014 Video to DVD

My mother was so happy that I was able to get her old VHS tapes transferred to DVD. I am too, now I won't have to dig out the old VHS machine disconnect the DVD and connect the VHS to the TV when she visits. The DVD copy looks great down to the cover he made for her. I absolutely will use Michael again!

- Lorraine Marcano from Apopka

12/13/2014 Video to DVD

Thank you Michael I was very pleased with the finished DVD of my husband skydiving. I know the VHR copy was not in the best of condition but your DVD is super great. I didn't think it would come out that good. Thank you again. I will be a return customer. Thank you again, Sandi S.

- Sandi S. from Mount Dora

12/04/2014 Home Movie Transfer

What an outstanding and flawless execution of my old Video movies and tons of pics Michael at Mount Dora carried out. My collection was disorganized but he organized everything so well that while watching videos and pics my wife and I were speechless that Mike carried out such a commandeble job, I highly recommend Michel for all your Disorganized and old Videos and Pics and is worth Every penny as we always look for memories if our homes are destroyed by human or natural tragedy! Go for it and let Michel manage your project!

- Pankaj Desai MD from Lady Lake

11/30/2014 Photo Videos

They did an awesome job with my 1400+ pictures when I was moving out of state!! Thank you

- Mariday F. from Mount Dora

11/10/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I brought a home movie from 1987 in to have it transferred to DVD. I didn't even know if the tape was still good or not. They did a wonderful job on it. Due to age there was a few bad spots in the tape but it played all the way through. This video was extreme important to me. It was the last year my grandmother was alive. I have been getting requests for copies of it so I am sure I will be returning to the store to get more copies done. I have also referred a few friends to them.

- Robert Carter from Apopka

11/10/2014 Photo Videos

Just wanted to say what an amazing job you did on the slide show for David! I had tears in my eyes from the very beginning. Can't wait 'til my girls watch it-they will love it too!!!

- Breanna from Elizabeth City

10/17/2014 Home Movie Transfer

You did an excellent job in handling my old films. Your courteous and professional manner is not always seen in todays world and I was pleased with your reasonable prices. Thanks for a job well done! Marie M.

- Marie M. from Tavares

10/13/2014 Video to DVD

I had a video of my father that I cherished and was afraid of losing the quality after many years of the video being in storage. Home Video Studio treated my video with kid gloves and produced a great quality CD. The cover even had photos taken from the video. The service was fast and courteous. I couldn't be more pleased. I will be a returning customer to have more of my old treasured videos put onto CD's.

- Robbie from Summerfield

10/13/2014 Duplications

I had a 1975 cassette tape of my grandparents talking. It gave me tears to my eyes when I heard their voices. I had the Home Video Studio make 15 copies so I can give to my family members during Thanksgiving. I walked through the doors and I was greeted with kindness and a smile. The prices were so reasonable and it took only a few days. They had my CDs in a bag ready for me. Thank you Home Video Studio. I will go back and have my home videos transferred.

- Kim from Mount Dora

10/09/2014 Video to DVD

I used this service after finding them here. I was extremely satisfied. Had one VHS and wanted two DVDs to preserve the memories. Called, arranged for a pickup, and got excellent service throughout the transaction. Must admit I was surprised at the price initially, but I realized I was getting a professional service. It was worth the price and my fears were totally unfounded. Highest rating. A++++!

- Julie from Montverde

10/07/2014 Video to DVD

Hi Michael, Just got the DVD's and just wanted to tell you that I am delighted with the presentation--the previews on the covers make it really easy for me to call everything that's in them. Thank you so much, I will definitely be recommending you to anyone I know who'd like to have this done with their tapes. Sure saves a lot of space and weight!!! Love it! Can't wait to get home now and watch them!!!

- Mary Ann from Orlando

10/02/2014 Video to DVD

Thank You Mike> It was great to watch my father at out last family reunion 1998 six months later he taken home to heaven.I was able to hear his voice witch I have not heard in the last 15 years. I'm digging up more VHS, movie reels for you to transfer to DVD.

- Sharlene from Apopka

09/18/2014 Photo Videos

I'm not much for Facebook, but I do want to comment on our experience with you and your company. Most of the times that I say that "you only get what you pay for" it's said in a derogatory sense. In this case however, it's said in honest appreciation of the job you did for me and my family. The presentation that you developed from some thirty year old slides was outstanding. I can not thank you enough for the friendly, yet professional manner in which you accomplished our goal. Please feel free to have anyone wishing to do something like what we did to contact me for an honest appraisal of your skills. Sincerely, Reg and Marilynn Miller

- Reg Miller from Orange City

09/10/2014 Photo Videos

We were looking forward to seeing the finished DVD of the family photo slides so that we could watch it together and not just through a tiny viewer and we were not disappointed!! The quality and ease of watching the finished product brought back the memories of times past for us older folks and brought it for the first time to our children. Soon our grandchild will be old enough to see it, also. It will be a great gift to give my sister this holiday.

- Sue from Winter Garden

09/08/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks to Michael Ondrasik and the Home Video Studio crew for a wonderful job! Michael was professional and so helpful. Due to a family emergency we needed a rushed order, and Michael bent over backwards to make that happen for us. I am grateful for the compassion he showed and for the quality of the work.

- Kim Whitman from none

08/30/2014 Video to DVD

Thanks for the great job converting my old VHS tapes to DVD. You are a pleasure to work with and I especially like that all the work is done at your location by you. I have many more tapes and will see you soon. Thanks, again !

- Rae from Longwood

08/30/2014 Video to DVD

Home Video Studio recently opened in my town. I was so excited they did because I have what must be hundreds of projects the need to be transferred to a digital medium. I took three projects in as s test and am very happy with the results. I will now slowly start the conversion process on my whole family connection. Thank you for your professionalism and quality workmanship. Gary

- Gary from Tangerine

07/28/2014 Video to DVD

Michael, Thank you so much for the excellent dvd of my wedding. The quality was excellent and the turnaround time beat my expectations. Great work, I have more videos I will be dropping off soon!

- Richard from Oviedo

06/22/2014 Photo Videos

I absolutely love my Mothers' Day photo keepsake. I can't stop watching it.

- Brea from Bradenton

06/22/2014 Video Editing

Michael is our go-to guy for our corporate video presentations. Sharp and professionally done, the finished product exceeded our expectations and had a great impact on our audience.

- James from West Palm Beach

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My TEDx talk, recorded in Jan 2022, where I explain how a mistake I made while researching my genealogy led me to a deeper understanding of family and how much we are all connected.

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Save up to 50%! We can transfer your old home movies 8mm, 16mm, videotapes - VHS, 8mm, Mini DV to digital formats that will play with today's equipment. We also transfer – 35mm slides, photos, negatives, audio tapes, etc. . Home Video Studio Mount Dora 352-735-8550. Share this post & receive a 25% discount (or a bigger discount if it applies).

Come in today: Home Video Studio, 930 N Donnelly St, Mount Dora FL 32757

Save 30% on Video Tape transfers
Save 20% on Film Transfer (Super 8mm, 8mm & 16mm)
Save 50% on Photos & Negatives transfers
Save 50% on 35mm Slide transfer.
Save 30% on Audio Cassette & Quarter inch Audio Transfers
Save 30% on 45 rpm and Album Record Transfer to CD.

Come in between Tuesday Dec 28th and Saturday January 8th to our Mount Dora Studio. We are open 9:30am - 5pm Weds-Sat and 9am - 2pm on Tues. We are closed Sundays and Mondays. (plus we will be closed on New Years Day.)

Not valid with other discounts or with work already placed with us. Out of town? You can call or email your order in. Call us at 352-735-8550 or email us at You can bring in as many tapes, film, movies, DVDs, 35mm slides, photos, audio cassettes, ¼ inch audio reels as you want.


We had a HUGE response last year and we expect an even bigger turnout this year! This sale absolutely ends at 4:00 pm on Saturday, January 8. This offer does not apply to current orders already in our studio or completed work.

All Major Credit Cards Accepted!

We want to wish all of you a Happy Holiday and A Happy New Year! Home Video Studio - Mount Dora

Store Hours:

Our normal studio hours are as follows:

Mon: Closed

Tue: 9:00am to 2:00pm

Wed: 9:30am to 5:00pm

Thu: 9:30am to 5:00pm

Fri: 9:30am to 5:00pm

Sat: 9:30am to 5:00pm

Sun: Closed

Appointments always available at any time upon request.

Please like us on facebook to get our weekly/monthly specials!

We can transfer your old home movies 8mm, 16mm, VHS, Mini DV and other videotapes to DVDs and the DVA - Digital Video Archive Cloud. Share this and receive a 10% discount!
930 North Donnelly St

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